My Business Team

Business TeamI always had a feeling that I wanted to be a business owner, but I wasn’t sure what my business would look like. Until I figured that out, I pictured myself as a corporate “suit” with an important title and an expense account. It’s funny how life rarely works out as you planned. Fitness sort of found me and it guided me to where I am today – and now I can’t picture my life any other way.

There are a lot of things people don’t tell you about being a business owner, but the one I was thinking about this week is the trial and error of finding your “business team.” You need a good accountant, insurance agent, lawyer, etc in order to have the foundation of a strong business. It may sound easy enough, but it takes a while to find people that you can work well with and also feel confident that they have your back no matter what.

After several positive encounters this week, I realized after 3 years of owning a business, I finally have a solid team of really good people around me. And I also realized that, after spending my life trying to do everything on my own, nothing makes you feel stronger than a solid support system. There are good people with good businesses that want to help you, but you have to weed through the questionable ones to find them. This can apply to all aspects of life, really, because we all need a team of good people we can rely on, and it’s well worth the trial and error to find them!