Jack of All Trades, Master of None

Jack of All TradesFor most people, it takes a while to figure out where we belong in the workforce and where our talents lie.  We often start on one path and head in another as different opportunities present themselves and we figure out what really gets us out of bed in the morning. I believe it’s important, though, to become the best at what you do best and not try to be the best at everything.

I’ve been certified as a personal trainer for almost 13 years and it has taken most of that time to figure out who I am in the fitness world. I’ve dabbled in many aspects of fitness training, educating myself thoroughly on each along the way. One of my passions lies in fixing physical problems with exercise. Nothing gets me excited like a new client that asks me for help with pain resulting from a muscle imbalance or that needs further strengthening after physical therapy. I’m an anatomy and physiology nerd and love a challenge.

This is not every trainer’s area of strength, however, and that’s okay. Fitness competition and sport-specific training are not my strengths, but I know some great trainers that specialize in those areas that I refer out to. When I hire trainers at my studio, I plug them into classes and watch how they work over a month or two so I can identify their strengths and place them appropriately. I encourage them to focus specifically on developing their strengths while continuing to educate themselves on other aspects of fitness as the opportunities come along.

I watch many trainers get lost in the shuffle trying to be a master of all things fitness instead of finding their areas of specialty. If you are a jack of all trades, you are a master of none. Or, as my mother would say, “you can’t be everything to everybody.” All trainers can help clients “lose weight and get in shape” because that’s what we are trained to do. But how are you different than the rest? Every industry has its basic training but it’s a good idea to take the next step to find your passion and be the best at it. A well-rounded specialist is the most useful and productive in any industry.