Fascial Stretch Therapy

FST is a method of assisted stretching that focuses on manipulation of fascia and calming the nervous system to release tension in the body. Ashley Brodeur, MS, CFSS will be able to identify areas that are restricted and recommend stretches or exercises after the session to correct imbalances as necessary.

What to expect: You will lay on a therapy table (fully dressed in non-restrictive clothing and clean socks) and Ashley will assess and stretch as needed for improved movement and performance. The room is dimly lit and relaxing music played to encourage muscle relaxation. Not recommended immediately before exercise. Ok after exercise, but preferably not sweaty!

Cost: $70 for a 50 minute session (Cash, Card, or Venmo)

Availability: Please email ashley@activelifestylefitness.com to book an appointment!

Your Practitioner: Ashley Brodeur, MC, CFSS holds a Masters Degree in Exercise Physiology from Springfield College, Reiki Master, and has completed 120 hours of training to earn a Level 3 Certification in Fascial Stretch Therapy from the Stretch to Win Institute.

COVID-19 Updates:
You: Clean socks and facial covering are mandatory. Please wash your hands in our restroom before your appointment and take your temperature at home before you arrive. If you are experiencing any symptoms of illness, please contact me immediately to cancel your appointment (no penalty).
Me:  I will be wearing a facial covering and gloves, washing my hands between clients, and taking my temperature daily. If I am experiencing any symptoms of illness, I will contact you immediately and cancel your appointment. Table, tools, and surfaces will be disinfected between each client. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns!


Frequently Asked Questions:


What is fascia?
Fascia is the connective tissue system of the body that penetrates through and wraps around muscles, nerves, organs, and just about everything else in your body. 

Who benefits?
Any person cleared by their physician for stretching & active movement, fitness enthusiasts, and athletes of all levels. 

What is different about FST?
FST is pain-free! It improves mobility of your nerves and flexibility of your muscles and fascia. Other methods focus on isolated muscle stretching which is often uncomfortable or even painful and results are only temporary.

Why stretch fascia vs muscle?
Fascia surrounds each muscle, connects them to each other and penetrates deep inside them. It also connects muscles to tendons, ligaments, and bone to form a body wide, smart functional network. Fascia connects to all of your organs and systems too. 

IMG_4619What results can I expect?
Pain reduction
Stress reduction
Better sleep
Better posture
Improved mobility
More effective workouts