Success Stories


“My journey to be healthy and to live a healthier lifestyle began in July 2014 following several of the most heartbreaking years of my life. My father, the strongest man I ever knew, was diagnosed with ALS and quickly passed away. I dealt with my grief with food and I had reached my highest weight ever. I felt horrible waking up every day. As an RN, I knew I was at risk for having so many health issues being overweight by 50+ pounds. I tried to diet with shakes but I felt like I was starving myself. I decided enough was enough. My friend raved about Active Lifestyle Fitness, so in September 2014, I signed up for 2x/week Small Group Personal Training with Madeline!

I was absolutely terrified to walk into that class, but I didn’t know it would be one of the best decisions that I would ever make! Everyone was so supportive! I remember being sore the next few days (and months to come, lol), but I stuck with it and soon after, I couldn’t wait to go to class.

Still, to this day, I hate to miss my workouts! I don’t get bored with Madeline’s workouts and she knows just how much I can do before I do. I logged my food faithfully and she helped me make better food choices. Madeline helped me to realize that this journey is a complete lifestyle change, not a diet. My whole life has changed and I am thankful every day for Active Lifestyle Fitness. I am a stronger person both emotionally and physically. I can run up multiple flights of stairs now and I feel that I can help my patients with a healthier lifestyle too. Thank you Madeline for “just one more round,” “you can do this,” and “add ten more pounds.” Thank you, Ashley, for opening this wonderful place!”


“Two years after I gave birth to my second son, I was ready to make changes in my life and get in shape. I was diagnosed with Diastasis Recti (separation of abdominal muscles) after my second pregnancy and in order for me to get started with more strenuous exercise I needed to get medical clearance from a surgeon. The day I received the okay, I literally emailed Ashley from the surgeon’s parking lot to sign me up for one day a week Small Group! I was excited and motivated to get started!

I was looking forward to this program that would work within my schedule (busy mom of two boys) and that didn’t make me feel like I was on a diet. I wanted to be more aware of what I was eating but not stressing about every last calorie. I signed up for Ashley’s Sunday morning Small Group class and logged my food daily for her to check and comment on. I lost 10 pounds in the first month! Today I am down 30 pounds, from a size 14 to a size 8! My strength has increased significantly and my body has become leaner. I have also met a great group of gals that motivate me and keep the class fun! This is a lifestyle that I can and want to make a long term commitment to. I just signed up for Small Group twice per week to enhance my results! I just wish I would have done all of this sooner because I’m in better shape now than I was in my 20s! Ashley, I can’t thank you enough for helping me find a better me and for the confidence to keep it up!”


“I recently celebrated my second year of training with Madeline and I am still amazed at what we have accomplished together. When I started, my weight was at the highest it had ever been and my overall health was poor at best. I had tried every fad diet or popular weight loss program out there only to be defeated in the long run. I had even contemplated having a surgical procedure because something had to be done.

I never once thought that I would be the type of person who seeks the help of a trainer and, in fact, the title “trainer” intimidated me a lot. Placing complete trust in the hands of a stranger can be a frightening experience, yet I can honestly say I never once experienced that feeling with Madeline. I am beyond thrilled to be extremely close to hitting a goal and losing over 150 pounds! More importantly than numbers on a scale, I have been given a whole new life! I have gone on new adventures, participated in activities I could not previously enjoy and have broadened my palate with foods I once would never eat. There isn’t a dollar amount that can define what this journey has done for me and my health as a whole. Madeline has helped me change my life to become the best version of myself that I can be. Personal Training at Active Lifestyle Fitness has been pivotal in helping me discover this new life: one that I love and enjoy!”


“My whole life I was tiny, the smallest in the family, the runt. People have always assumed I had an eating disorder because I was tiny, but I’m just a small build! I’ve always struggled and never was able to gain weight. I wasn’t happy being so tiny and people always telling me I was gross. About a year before I got married, I decided I needed a change, so I started searching Facebook and looking for gyms. My husband and I started at a regular gym and people would stare at me as I worked out. I wasn’t happy there and I still wasn’t seeing results. Barre classes at Active Lifestyle Fitness interested me, so I decided to try it out! After a week of classes, I was hooked! Within 6 months I was attending most classes offered. People didn’t stare at me funny – they were so welcoming that I loved going!

Fast forward to almost 2 years, Im 20 pounds heavier (muscle) im not that skinny girl anymore. I have grown 2 pants sizes and one shirt size up! I even had to buy a bigger bathing suit. I try to attend at least 4-5 classes a week, and I even got a bunch of home gym equipment for when I cannot make it. This isn’t just a lifestyle for me anymore, it’s how I live every day. The best part is that I now feel strong. We sometimes lift weights in class that I don’t think I can do, but I surprise myself when I’m able to do it! I am so thankful I found Active Lifestyle Fitness! What a great place to be a part of!”


“I signed up at my gym because I was sick of being overweight and tired. When I started, I knew I had two options: work out by myself or work with a personal trainer. Since I have always been overweight due to bad eating habits and lack of motivation, I decided to work with Ashley.

When I started, I weighed 215 lbs. I am now at 150 lbs thanks to many Boot Camps and weekly sessions with Ashley. The changes she has made to my eating and exercise habits are dramatically different from where I started. What everyone else sees is a thinner me. What I see is a hockey player and a skier that has been dormant for 10 long years.

For any one who knows me, hockey is life. There is nowhere I would rather be than a hockey rink – especially when I am playing. The reason I gave up sports was due to asthma. Due to weight loss and exercise, I no longer have asthma, high blood pressure or borderline diabetes. My doctor is amazed. So thank you, Ashley, for giving me back what I enjoy most.”


“I worked with Ashley years ago, and she whipped me into the best shape of my life (and I say that lovingly). Then things got in the way, and fitness lapsed. When I saw the Small Group Training being offered, it seemed like the perfect time to get back into control. I procrastinated for a while given the commitment of time and money, but I soon reconciled both. Committing to two nights a week of “me” time has given me a better work-life balance. And, it’s far cheaper fitting into my current wardrobe than to get a new wardrobe to fit a body that I was not at all happy with. Shopping for fat clothes sucks!

I have been working with my Small Group since 2013! I have gained better control of my eating and I’ve lost inches everywhere. More importantly, I’ve gained strength, endurance and a sense of well-being. Thanks Ashley!”



“My mission to get healthy started in February. Three years after my second child was born, I realized I had to do something for myself. I had actually gained weight back after I stopped nursing my daughter. I was 22lbs over my pre-pregnancy weight!

I thought my job was active enough and I thought I was eating pretty well. I was definitely wrong!

I heard of Active Lifestyle Fitness through a friend and emailed Ashley. I signed up for my first Small Group Training session and began keeping a food journal on The accountability of the journal and following Ashley’s feedback made the excess fat melt right off. I was seeing that some of the food I thought was good for me really wasn’t. I learned portion control and stopped eating when I felt satisfied instead of when I was full. After 12 weeks, I had lost 10lbs and was feeling GREAT! Family and close friends started seeing the results I had already been seeing and feeling myself.

I started wanting to workout more, so I signed up for a Small Group that meets twice per week. I immediately saw twice the results. I was on fire! I have unlimited energy and I haven’t felt this good in so many years. The best feeling is hearing from people around you how great you look. I always say that I feel even better!

I found that I need to have someone motivate and push me harder than I would push myself. The Small Group Training at Active Lifestyle Fitness is great for every level of fitness, and a great place to meet new people with similar goals. I have lost 18lbs, 2 shirt sizes, and 1 pant size!”


“When I started exercising, I felt motivated but I didn’t know if was going to be able to stick with it. I thought I might get bored and lose interest. With Madeline’s help I was able to stick with it and lose 30lbs so far. The best part is her workouts offer variety. Each week I get an updated workout which keeps me from getting bored with the same old thing. Without Madeline, I would just be going to the gym for a cardio session and then going home. Now I have a full workout which has helped me to lose weight and feel great! She also helped with my eating habits with many suggestions and new healthy recipes to try. Madeline is a great motivator! When I just feel like giving up she keeps me going. Thank you, Madeline!”