Ashley’s Clients


“I meet with Ashley weekly. I’ve lost 42 pounds, my waist is 8” smaller, my body has tightened up and I feel significantly better. Here’s some of what Ashley brings to the table:

  • Knowledge about what she does and being able to impart it to me to my advantage for success
  • Patience with her clients and a great attitude towards her work which helps me and provides encouragement
  • Shows me first-hand how to do the routine/exercise then monitors my activity to keep me on course for maximum results

My wife also meets with Ashley weekly. On New Year’s Eve we reflected on the most positive changes for the year: #1 was our own daughter Ashley getting engaged and #2 was entrusting Ashley Brodeur to help us make significant physical changes – what a difference she has made!”


“I signed up at the gym because I was sick of being overweight and tired. When I started, I was given two options: work out by myself or work with a fitness coach. Since I have always been overweight due to bad eating habits and lack of motivation, I decided to work with Ashley.

When I started at the gym I weighed 215 lbs. I am now at 150 lbs thanks to many different Boot Camps and weekly sessions with Ashley. The changes she has made to my eating and exercise habits are dramatically different from where I started.

What everyone else sees is a thinner me. What I see is a hockey player and a skier that has been dormant for 10 long years.

For any one who knows me, hockey is life. There is nowhere I would rather be than a hockey rink – especially when I am playing. The reason I gave up sports was due to asthma. Due to weight loss and exercise, I no longer have asthma, high blood pressure or borderline diabetes. My doctor is amazed.

So thank you, Ashley, for giving me back what I enjoy most.”


“Physical activity has always been a part of my life and I have always been committed to maintaining a healthful lifestyle. I began to find my workouts were not as effective as when I first began, however, and I wasn’t seeing the results I was working so hard for. I decided to start training with Ashley to hopefully bust through the plateau I was stuck on.

Ashley takes pride in every client she works with. She’s fully committed to your success and will push you to achieve your goals while really getting to know you in the process. Her experience and knowledge allow her to put together a personalized program for each client balancing the right amount of weight training and cardio. She also helps to get your food intake on the right track which made a huge difference for me.

Ashley helped erase my fear of “bulking up” from lifting heavy weights. Instead of developing a bulky, manly shape that I feared, I began to see the shape and definition in my muscles that I had been trying to develop before.

I’ve been able to maintain my results by continuing to follow Ashley’s suggestions about healthful eating, following the exercise plan she designed for me, and regularly attending her Boot Camp sessions. Whether you are just getting started or have been physically active for a long time and want to push yourself further, Ashley is perfect for the job. Working with Ashley is challenging yet rewarding. I would highly recommend her to anyone! Thanks Ashley!”


“I have struggled with my weight my whole life. In 2009, my beautiful twin boys were born and I was the heaviest I had ever been. During my pregnancy I had also developed gestational diabetes and got a taste of what it would be like to be diabetic. That really gave me a wake up call since it runs in my family. I feared that was was my future if I didn’t get my weight under control.

As a new mother I was exhausted, eating all the wrong things, not exercising, and not getting enough sleep. I felt miserable inside and out. I was taking care of everyone else and not spending any time on myself. I decided that had to change. I wanted to be healthy for my children and husband.

In June 2011, I decided to make a change and I started attending Ashley’s Boot Camp sessions. I instantly started to see results and I was addicted. At first it was difficult for me and Ashley gave me modifications so I could still get a great workout. She helped keep me motivated to increase my stamina so at the next class I would be able to do more than the last. When I started coming to Boot Camp, my goal was to lose 30 lbs before I turned 30 – I made it!!!

Ashley has helped to re-shape my whole body and the results are just amazing to me. I have also changed the way I eat and cut out all processed foods and refined sugars. With Ashley’s guidance I am now living a healthy life style. I can’t say enough about her program! She is an amazing trainer and I owe much of my success to her! Thank you Ashley!”


“I spent the majority of my life being very physically active as a dancer and a rower, but during and after college, I found myself without a consistent exercise regiment, eating all the wrong things, and I struggled with my weight ever since.

I began to train with Ashley through her online program and attended weekly boot camp sessions. I began to see positive results almost immediately. My body firmed up and I was able to lose 3 inches off my hips and 1 inch off my waist in 6 weeks!! I look even better and healthier now than I did when I initially lost weight on my own because I am not just “skinny” anymore; I am strong, muscular and lean. I now have muscle definition that I didn’t even have as a dancer and rower!! Ashley has taught me that lifting weights combined with small amounts of cardio and a healthy diet is the most effective way for me to get the body that I want. I no longer spend hours on the cardio machines and feel confident enough to lift weights in front of people at the gym. My overall fitness level has definitely increased as well as my endurance and energy level.

Ashley has helped me to achieve my goals and continues to encourage me every step of the way. She is always available via email to answer all of the questions I have. Ashley also made me a work out plan that I could take with me on vacation, since I would not have access to a gym or weights. What sets Ashley apart from other personal trainers is that she takes the time to design each client’s fitness plan specifically to their needs. Ashley’s commitment to helping develop and maintain life-long lifestyle changes through exercise AND nutrition plays a crucial role in the success of her clients. I attribute my own weight loss success and new-found confidence in myself to training with Ashley.”


“Prior to working with Ashley I had been getting to the gym regularly but I wasn’t seeing the results. I was just showing up and going through the motions. I wasn’t really motivated to work out.

Once I began training with Ashley, I learned that my cardio endurance needed work and my core strength was really lacking. Ashley addressed both of those right away and helped me build a good foundation before I moved on to more challenging workouts. My body composition has changed a lot – I have dropped body fat and gained muscle.

Ashley keeps my training program varied which keeps me motivated. I also attend Boot Camp on a regular basis and that has been great for my cardio endurance since I am not someone who enjoys running on a treadmill. I would definitely recommend working with Ashley to reach your fitness goals.”


“I have been exercising most of my life and have never been able to make such drastic improvements until I started attending Ashley’s Boot Camp Sessions! I have dropped almost 15 lbs and a couple of sizes but the best part is how much leaner and more defined I have become.

I have gained a lot of strength and have never felt better or more energetic. After attending Boot Camp consistently, I have found that I am able to lift more during my gym workouts and I have much more endurance. I also find that my day-to-day strength has increased. I feel younger and more fit at age 44 than I did at age 24!

Boot Camp is challenging but very fun. The satisfaction you feel at the end of class after having really pushed yourself is beyond words. The sessions have also helped inspire me to eat much healthier. You don’t have to spend hours at the gym to see a noticeable difference physically or to build your strength and cardio endurance! I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND Ashley’s Boot Camp to anyone! ”


“One of the BEST decisions I made upon joining the gym was to work with Ashley! In October, my husband and I decided we needed to get in better shape since our daughter was getting married in July. I never would have imagined myself doing any weight training but I knew I wanted to see changes in my health and my body. I had seen some of the “trainers” on TV and although I was ready to make the commitment, I knew I didn’t want to be screamed at either! After meeting with Ashley, I realized this was the way to make the changes I wanted. I meet weekly with Ashley and thanks to her guidance, knowledge, instruction, never ending patience and constant encouragement, not only am I well on my way to reaching my goals but I have learned a lot!

I’ve learned:

  • How to make healthier food choices
  • That you must actually FEED your body if you want it to perform for you
  • That what you weigh is not nearly as important as how your clothes fit!
  • That it takes time to reprogram our bodies to work the way they were meant to
  • What “just do it, then do it again!” really means!
  • That if I stay committed and do the work, my body WILL respond!

I recently had my yearly physical and my doctor was extremely pleased with all the changes in my body and health! My weight was down and my blood work was excellent! The process is challenging but the results are so worth it!”


What a difference Ashley has made in my life! I had been faithfully going to the gym five times a week for about 2 1/2 years when I met Ashley. When she asked me what I had been doing, I had to admit to this and that. It was obvious I didn’t have a clue! Ashley has changed that with tailor made programs for me. She knows what I need to work on and she designs the programs to fit my needs. She keeps me motivated and doesn’t let me slack off. Trust me there are times when I would take the easy way out, but I have a bond and trust in Ashley that doesn’t let me take shortcuts in my program. She puts my programs in my journal so I can work on my own during the week. In addition to my exercise program, Ashley is helping me with good nutrition choices. It is making a big difference in my weight loss.

Ashley exemplifies what I was looking for in a fitness coach. She cares about me and my progress and works in full partnership with me so I can achieve my individual goals. It can’t get better that that.”


“Although I work out regularly and don’t have problems motivating myself, I found that no matter how much I tried to vary my workout, I just wasn’t feeling it anymore – physically or mentally.

Ashley immediately assessed my strengths and weaknesses, and we discussed my personal goals. In addition to creating individualized programs that meet my physical and time constraints, she also provides nutritional advice to help me attain my optimal weight. As a result, I’ve noticed marked improvement in my strength, endurance and muscle definition.”