Beginner 5k Training

Our next round will start April 2018!

5kgroup2This program will have you running your first 5k in only 8 weeks! It’s a great way to start running if you never have, or if you are taking it up again after a long absence. The program starts with walk-run workouts of short distances. Over the 8 weeks we increase the amount of time running and decrease the amount of time walking. We also start increasing the distance that is covered during the workouts. To be successful in this program, you will need to do your homework which consists of completing 1-2 other running workouts during the week as well as 2 cross training workouts.
Where?  Meeting outside, running routes mapped out near the mill
When?  Saturdays at 8:00am for 8 consecutive weeks
Cost?  $120 for the 8 week training program

There are no make up sessions for this group. No refunds. Click here to sign up! (under Special Programs tab)