New Year Challenge


Lose the greatest percentage of body weight and circumference in 60 days and win $200 in cash!

Contest begins: 1/3/17

Measurements consist of body weight and circumference measurements with a measuring tape around the waist, hips, leg, and arm. The person that loses the greatest percentage of body weight and measurements wins the contest. We use percentage lost to make it fair for everyone regardless of body size. If more than one person loses the same percentage of body weight, the person that loses the greatest percentage of measurements will win the contest.

Large Group Members: Please make an appointment with Ashley for starting measurements between 12/26/17 and 1/3/17, and a second appointment for final measurements 60 days after your starting measurements. You must attend at least 2 large group classes per week for 60 days to win.

Small Group/Personal Training Members: Please notify your trainer if you would like your monthly measurements to be submitted into the contest.

Disclaimer: We reserve the right to disqualify anyone from the contest that we believe is taking extreme/unhealthful measures to win. This includes eating too little, extreme dieting, and/or exercising too much. The winner of this contest will be a member that has committed to a healthful lifestyle change.