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Multi-Level: Beginner to Advanced

Indoor Cycling

Suits ALL fitness levels. High energy stationary bike workouts that enhance cardiovascular endurance. Participants select personal intensity levels during the workout through body position and bike tension. Class is 50 minutes.

Booty Barre

This class combines ballet and Pilates as a whole body workout to promote strength in functional movement and flexibility. Participants will be working on a ballet barre with various other equipment. Suitable for ALL fitness levels. Class is performed barefoot or in grip socks. Please bring a mat. Class is 50 minutes.

Guts & Butts/Guns

Focused lower (butts) or upper (guns) body strength training workouts with core training included. Suitable for ALL fitness levels. Please bring a mat! Class is 50 minutes.


Vinyasa Flow Yoga

This class is based on a Vinyasa Flow format with focus on building strength and flexibility. Suitable for all fitness levels. Class is 50 minutes. Please bring a mat!

Aerial Fitness

Safely explore flexibility and build strength while having fun! This class offers a unique blend of strength and yoga with aerial movements using an aerial hammock. Suitable for all fitness levels. Class is performed barefoot. Please bring a mat and remove all jewelry. Class is 50 minutes. Contraindications to Inverting: Detached retina, Glaucoma, untreated high or low blood pressure, menstruation, pregnancy, heart problems, Botox injections within the last 24 hours, Sinusitis, Vertigo


Moderate to Advanced level:

Booty Barre Sculpt

Prerequisite: at least 1 basic Booty Barre class. This is an advanced level Booty Barre class using cuffed bands. Socks are required for this class. Please bring a mat. Class is 50 minutes.

Boot Camp

Individuals who exercise regularly and are looking to enhance their results are encouraged to attend Boot Camp! Circuits move quickly to keep heart rates elevated. If you are new to exercise or unsure of proper form, we encourage you to attend our Small Group Trainings, Individual Training, or Guts & Butts/Guns classes to build a foundation before you attempt Boot Camp. Class is 50 minutes. Please bring a mat!